Alpha Care Home Health Services of NJ

Alpha Care Home Health Services of NJ family of companies is here to support you and your loved ones. We help people of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels.

Some of our services include the following:

Skilled Nursing

Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)

Non-Skilled Nursing

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Home Health Aides (HHA) and Companions.

Social Work

Medical Social Workers

Nutrition Services

Registered Dietitian Counseling


Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech Therapy (ST)

Home Health Aide/ Homemaker Companion Services

HHA/Homemaker/Companion Services include:

  • Basic Non-Medical Care
  • Alzheimer's and Memory Care
  • Ambulatory Clients
  • Companions
  • Homemakers
  • Accompany To Appointments (*In Clients Fully Insured Auto)
  • Bathing
  • Grooming
24 Hour Home Care Benefits Everyone

Skilled Nursing Services

Our experienced skilled nursing agents plan, organize, and direct home care services specifically tailored to your or your loved one’s needs. Initiating a complete physical assessment our skilled nursing staff will review current and previous illnesses.  While developing a care plan, our highly qualified staff can establish goals based on their diagnosis and incorporate therapeutic, preventive, and rehabilitative treatments.


Home Health Aide/ Homemaker/ Companion Services

It can be frustrating at times, not to be able to perform activities of daily living. Our best caregivers are here to provide high quality basic non-medical care. This includes meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, changing bed linens and bed making, bathing, and grooming. We carefully match caregivers with clients to make sure their personalities complement one another.


Medical Social Worker Services

Our licensed Medical Social Worker will work out a long-term plan for any patient and his or her family member. This can help explore alternatives to in-home care arrangements and place the patient in appropriate setting for care and safety. This entails psychological, emotional assessment as well as referring to community and financial resources. Our Social Workers will coordinate with all other care team members for the best overall outcome of the patient.


Nutrition Services

Many elderly people would be able to stay healthier in their own homes for longer with proper home care nutrition services. Our experienced dietitian will enhance quality of life and overall health status of the client. Nutritional counseling will promote a healthy and therapeutic diet and will educate our clients. Our nutritionist will collaborate with your care team to develop personalized and innovative nutritional plan to improve your quality of life.


Occupational Therapist Services

Alpha Care Home Health Services of NJ also offers occupational therapy services in order to help patients of all ages do what they desire through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. Our occupational therapists enable people of all ages to live a high-quality life by promoting healthy habits and activities in order to prevent-or live better-with a physical disability or illness.


Physical Therapy Services

Our physical therapists work tirelessly by assessing and evaluating therapeutic, rehabilitative, and functional status of the patient and participate in developing comprehensive care plans. Our goal is to utilize scientific methodologies in order provide thorough care and achieve optimal results. This is done in part by educating our patients and informing them through each stage of treatment about the most effective prevention methods to maximize function during treatment and preventing limitations.


Speech Therapist Services

In addition to occupational and physical therapy services, Alpha Care Home Health Services of NJ provides quality speech-language pathology services. Speech disorders can occur when a person is unable to produce speech sounds correctly or fluently or has issues associated with their voice or resonance. As far as language disorders are concerned, these occur when a person has difficulty understanding others or sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings.


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